About Us

Time Golf

Our love for watches, good taste and the collection of unique pieces
has led us to work on a passion. We will offer pieces of
quality and in unbeatable conditions.


Our commitment is to offer the best experience in the purchase or sale of
your piece. We have more than 10 years in the world of collecting, more than
enough time to provide a fast and secure process in their transactions.


All our collection goes through a professional internal and external control of the piece,
our trajectory allows us to guarantee competitive prices. “All our watches have
a one-year guarantee according to current legislation”.


Our products are checked by a
master watchmaker who guarantees their authenticity
and optimal conservation.



The conservation of our pieces is carried out with authentic spare parts, and the polishing carried out respects the original.



All our transactions are carried out
with certified transport, both
in national and international shipments.


Our Collection